My neck feels amazing because of Dr. Norton! I endured 9 years of neck pain and stiffness following a car accident. I saw multiple chiropractors over the years which brought some relief, but never any permanent resolution. Within 4 weeks of care with Dr. Norton, the puffy, inflamed tissue at the back of my neck disappeared – and by 6 weeks, the pain was entirely gone and has not returned in the 2+ years since! My quality of life is so hugely improved – Thank you, Dr. Norton!”

Mary Hintz
Shoreline, Washington

I started seeing Dr. Norton at the same time I found out I was expecting our first child. I felt completely comfortable and confident in his ability to treat me during pregnancy, and continued to go regularly. Throughout that time, his adjustments helped relieve my headaches and normal aches and pains caused by pregnancy. I had an easy and healthy pregnancy, quick labor and natural birth- all of which I attribute to my chiropractic care. I would highly recommend Dr. Norton to anyone seeking chiropractic care, especially for pre-natal care. I now take our daughter to see him, and will absolutely continue care and find it a necessity for my next pregnancy!”

Callie Peterson
Shoreline, Washington

I have personally used Chiropractic medicine since the early 1970’s. All four of my children have been taught that Chiropractic care is paramount to correct nerve function. We are an active family and participate in many physical activities and sports. My wife is a frequent business flyer, and also benefits from correct spinal alignment, which is a challenge when traveling often. Dr. Norton at Health Chiropractic uses a modern Chiropractic method, and it has been the best treatment I have experienced. My family and I strongly recommend Dr. Tim Norton, and we wish you great health.”

The Phariss Family
Shoreline, Washington

I’ve been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Norton for the past 7 years. He is, by far the best chiropractor in the Pacific NW! His dedication and compassion for making people well is his top priority. He takes the time to listen to all his patients. He does a complete diagnosis and will explain and show you how your treatment plan will go, and what he expects when you complete your treatment plan. He doesn’t treat me like I’m on an assembly line to get adjusted. He listens to me and genuinely cares about how my chiropractic care is progressing.”

Beth Lavin
Woodinville, Washington

I like that Health Chiropractic helps kids like me play whatever sport they play by keeping them adjusted. When I am just about to go to gymnastics or to swim team practice I like to get adjusted because it does not hurt it often tickles. I like going to Chiropractic because Dr. Norton helps make my back less tight or loose. When I feel like I’m getting a cold or fever getting adjusted gives me an immune boost. I’ve been going since I was a baby. I love Health Chiropractic!”

Kate Shelden (age 9)
Kenmore, Washington

I have been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Tim Norton for the past 11 years. Dr. Norton came highly recommended by my brother, also a CBP practicing chiropractor. I had given birth to my son 9 months earlier and really needed “re-tuning” so to speak. Under Dr. Norton’s care, curve to my neck was restored, and my hip and low back pain was finally diagnosed. I took my son along at the same time, as Dr. Norton also treats infants and children. I can honestly say that we made it through those early years with hardly a cold or sickness, I believe in part due to our regular visits. I continued to see Dr. Norton during my second pregnancy and wish I had seen him through my first – what a difference! Soon after birth, my daughter began treatments and both kids continue to look forward to their monthly visits – fighting over who gets to go first. Dr. Norton makes these visits fun, jokingly asking, “Did you hear all that “popcorn” popping in your neck?” Now my husband has become a regular patient. We are truly a family who believes in quality chiropractic care and Dr. Tim Norton is an exceptional provider.”

Kim Shelden
Kenmore, Washington

I highly recommend Dr. Norton as one of the best chiropractors in our area. A few months ago I started having some severe pain in my right leg. So I called my general practitioner who sent me to a physiatrist who had an x-ray taken of my leg, but could not find the cause of the pain. The pain was debilitating. I decided I would see Dr. Norton. He took an x-ray which showed decreased disc space which was severe, and other displacements which were causing some nerves to be pinched, thus affecting my leg.

He is an excellent diagnostician and prescribed a course of treatment, which ended the debilitating pain, and now I see Dr. Norton for, periodic adjustments, which keeps the severe pain away and my spine correctly aligned.

He always listens to what I have to say and is very helpful in making recommendations for exercises that help strengthen specific areas of the body. He is a great chiropractor and a great person. I feel that his goal is not only to help us with terrific chiropractic care but also give us knowledge to help ourselves. And, I might add, he has a great staff who always greet you with a friendly ‘hello’.”

Sylvia Thomsen
Seattle, Washington

I would like to thank the team at Dr. Norton’s office for the great work they do. I was a guy who was hurting pretty bad when I was able to make an appointment with Dr. Norton’s office. My back was having issues where I couldn’t do my job. I had never been to a chiropractor in my life and my body showed it. He gave me a sequence of exercises and adjustments to get my body back to the way it should be. I could sleep thru the night again, it was awesome. He has such a calming demeanor and his staff will help you any way they can. It was a great experience and still is. I go once a month to keep my body aligned the way it should be, and that is my choice not theirs. I can tell you that my migraine headaches have gone from 5 or 6 a year to none. I am a believer. Thank you again Dr. Norton and to your staff. Your Great.”

Ron Musatko
Mountlake Terrace, Washington

I have been receiving chiropractic therapy from Dr. Norton for a couple of years now and I highly recommend him if you are looking for a caring and very highly knowledgeable chiropractor.Prior to receiving chiropractic care by Dr. Norton I was experiencing pain in my neck, shoulders and back due to poor posture and a previous injury. I was very hesitant about chiropractic therapy due to the horror stories I was told as a child. I had met Dr. Norton at one of his posture screening promotions and decided to look into it. After receiving therapy from him, I feel more energized. I no longer experience pain on a daily basis. One time I was experiencing a headache at the time of my appointment. Dr. Norton was able to relieve my headache at that visit. I do not like to take pain medication so I was impressed that he was able to relieve my headache.

Dr. Norton and his staff are very warm and welcoming to their patients and their patients’ family. Once you experience the chiropractic care offered by Dr. Norton and the hospitality at this clinic, you will not want to go anywhere else.”

Donna I. Valdivia
Shoreline, Washington

I was living with some residual neck pain from an accident two years ago, when I came across Dr. Norton and his team at the Shoreline Arts Festival. I was somewhat skeptical about chiropractic care, but agreed to an evaluation since I was still feeling discomfort after the initial physical therapy and massage following my accident. This also showed that I no longer had a normal neck curve, and my head posture was too forward and off to one side. After nine weeks of corrective chiropractic care and massage; I am feeling so much better and have regained a normal neck curve. Dr. Norton and his staff provide a very professional friendly place to better your overall health through excellent spinal care. I highly recommend them!”

Nancy Manolides
Shoreline, Washington

I have had back problems all my life. From scoliosis diagnosed when i was a teen to back and neck pain from my job as an orthopaedic nurse, I have always had back issues. However, it wasn’t until the summer of 2010 that I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. I underwent microdiscectomy that August with some relief of my sciatic nerve pain. However, almost exactly 1 year later, I found out that i reherniated the same disc, except on the other side. I didn’t have time to undergo another surgery with school starting in just a few weeks so i sought out chiropractic care, hoping to alleviate the newly returned sciatic pain.

After undergoing chiropractic treatment, my sciatica has gone and my back has been healthier. Discovering the different in leg lengths and wearing a lift in my left shoe has helped to keep my back stabilized and i was able to help pack and lift boxes last summer when my family moved out of our house.

I am grateful for the benefits I’ve received through chiropractic care and especially for the treatment from Dr. Norton to help me stay in good back health.”

Delores Orcutt
Lake Stevens, Washington

I am so happy to have found Health Chiropractic and their massage services. After years of suffering neck, shoulder and back tension, I have now incorporated massage into my life on a regular basis. It has been wonderful and helps keep the tension at a manageable level. Cathy Hawkins is my therapist and we work together to focus on specific areas which need attention. When I leave after my appointments, I am so much calmer and more relaxed.”

Cheryle Richardson
Seattle, Washington

I have been going to Dr. Norton for 4 years and have been extremely grateful for all the relief in my neck pain and numbness in my fingers. Aditionally, I have Fibromyalgia and so I am VERY particular about who I choose to adjust me. I have full confidence in Dr. Norton and I always have less pain and more range of motion after a treatment.”

Cheryl Wood
Sammamish, Washington

Chiropractic care is probably one of the smartest additions to my health regime. As a patient diagnosed with a “head-forward posture” I suffered chronic headaches as well as lower and mid back pain. With the skilled hands of Dr. Norton and his staff at Health Chiropractic and the corrective care program including traction my posture stays vastly improved thus curing my headaches and other pains. Thanks,”

Nancy Neyhart
Seattle, Washington

I started my pre-natal chiropractic care with Dr. Norton in the early part of my first trimester and continued treatment up until delivery and through post -partum. The benefits were tremendous and contributed greatly to a normal and healthy pregnancy and a very successful natural home birth. I maintained noticeably good posture throughout my pregnancy, and did not develop the typical ‘pregnant waddle’ or ‘hyperextended low back’, that is commonly seen during the last few weeks of pregnancy. My labor progressed perfectly and quickly. I felt great and was basically symptom free after I delivered.”

Kelley West
Bothel, Washington

I had lower back pain that was constant and uncomfortable. After visiting doctors and physical therapists, I finally went to see Dr. Norton. After fixing my posture, and adjusting the sway of my lower back along with new exercises, I feel great, and no longer have the constant pain. I have and would recommended Dr. Norton to everyone!”

Pat Weible
Seattle, Washington

As a teenager suffering from frequent migraines, I didn’t think anything other than strong drugs would ever control my horrendous headaches. I began seeing Dr. Norton a couple of years ago, and the number of migraines I’ve experienced has declined rapidly from 1-2 a month to one or none per year. Thanks Dr. Norton!”

Stephanie Small
Edmonds, Washington

I never thought of using chiropractic care for children, however, after watching my three children fall, twist and contort themselves as they play, I figured they needed all the help they could get. Chiropractic care has kept us healthy and active. Seeing “Dr. Tim” (Norton) has become a family affair that benefits us all.”

Becky Martin
Mill Creek, Washington

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