Spinal Remodeling

Spinal Remodeling - Health Chiropractic & Massage

Abnormal posture or loss of the normal spinal curves of the spine can have a direct impact on the functioning of your nervous system.

The spinal cord is the lifeline from the brain to the rest of the systems of the body. Injury to your spine from trauma, stress, or poor posture can cause nerve interference. Spinal misalignment caused by abnormal posture can cause:

  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fatigue
  • Nerve Interference and more

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Spinal Remodeling - Health Chiropractic & Massage

So, how do you keep your posture from getting worse? Or better yet, how do you correct it back to that confident youthful posture you had before?

Good posture habits are important. But the reality is that posture is unconscious. When you are not actively thinking of standing straight, your body resumes the position that years of bad habits have created. Staying healthy and looking good becomes an uphill battle.

In order to correct the spine and posture back to normal, you have to implement a spinal remodeling program. This technique is called CHIROPRACTIC BIOPHYSICS or C.B.P.

Dr. Tim C. Norton has extensive training and specializes in C.B.P.. By using the latest in spinal biomechanics and neurology, Dr. Norton has helped hundreds of patients return to a healthy, more energetic, pain free posture and proper spinal alignment.

The spinal remodeling program works by gently retraining the body back into postural balance, while also remodeling the muscles and ligaments safely and naturally back to their normal position. This enables the body to stay in proper posture even when you are not thinking about it. Trading those bad posture habits for new healthy ones.

Good posture is about more than looking healthy, youthful, and confident it keeps you healthy as well.

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